Commit 94e6e960 authored by ergonlogic's avatar ergonlogic Committed by Steven Jones

Issue #1336838: Added documentation for --makefile to provision-save, and fixed the style.

parent 7921e011
......@@ -15,8 +15,9 @@ class Provision_Context_platform extends Provision_Context {
static function option_documentation() {
return array(
'--root' => 'platform: path to a Drupal installation',
'--server' => 'drush backend server; default @server_master',
'--web_server' => 'web server hosting the platform; default @server_master',
'--server' => 'platform: drush backend server; default @server_master',
'--web_server' => 'platform: web server hosting the platform; default @server_master',
'--makefile' => 'platform: makefile to use in building the platform',
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