Commit 8287f895 authored by helmo's avatar helmo

Download Drush directly to the desired location.

This avoids an error when the previous version was a source checkout where both the directory and executable were called drush.
parent 8bd1fafd
......@@ -176,10 +176,8 @@ if [ "$NEW_DRUSH_VERSION" != "$CURRENT_DRUSH_VERSION" ]; then
curl -SsL $DRUSH_PHAR_URL -o drush
chmod +x drush
mv drush $DRUSH_DIR
curl -SsL $DRUSH_PHAR_URL -o $DRUSH_DIR/drush
chmod +x $DRUSH_DIR/drush
msg "Not upgrading Drush, $CURRENT_DRUSH_VERSION will be used."
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