Commit 6ebc36a9 authored by anarcat's avatar anarcat

941870 - check for errors when copying certificates

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parent 6027b4cd
......@@ -31,15 +31,18 @@ class Provision_Config_Http_Ssl_Site extends Provision_Config_Http_Site {
// Copy the certificates to the server's ssl.d directory.
|| drush_set_error('SSL_CERT_COPY_FAIL', dt('failed to copy SSL certificate in place'));
|| drush_set_error('SSL_KEY_COPY_FAIL', dt('failed to copy SSL key in place'));
// Copy the chain certificate, if it is set.
if (!empty($this->data['ssl_chain_cert_source'])) {
|| drush_set_error('SSL_CHAIN_COPY_FAIL', dt('failed to copy SSL certficate chain in place'));
// Sync the key directory to the remote server.
$this->data['server']->sync($path, array(
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