Commit 6b2df104 authored by omega8cc's avatar omega8cc Committed by helmo

D8 changed user_preferred_language() to user_preferred_langcode()

parent d749d742
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ function install_send_welcome_mail($url, $account, $language, $client_email, $on
'!date' => format_date(time()), '!login_uri' => url('user', array('absolute' => TRUE)),
'!edit_uri' => url('user/'. $account->uid .'/edit', array('absolute' => TRUE)));
$mail_success = drupal_mail('install', 'welcome-admin', $account->mail, user_preferred_language($account), $mail_params, $from, TRUE);
$mail_success = drupal_mail('install', 'welcome-admin', $account->mail, user_preferred_langcode($account), $mail_params, $from, TRUE);
if ($mail_success) {
drush_log(t('Sent welcome mail to @client', array('@client' => $client_email)), 'message');
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