Commit 673121ac authored by anarcat's avatar anarcat

fix usage for hostmaster-install

parent 7a4d3983
......@@ -233,10 +233,24 @@ function provision_drush_command() {
'description' => dt('Install and verify the Hostmaster frontend.'),
'arguments' => array(
'' => dt('The name of the site to install'),
'/path/to/platform' => dt('The platform to install the site on.'),
'' => dt('The email account to send a welcome mail to'),
'' => dt('The URL of the site to install, optional (default: %host).', array('%host' => provision_fqdn())),
'options' => array
'http_service_type' => dt('Webserver type to configure (default: %webserver)', array('%webserver' => 'apache')),
'drush_make_version' => dt('Drush make version to install, if not present (default: %drush_make', array('%drush_make' => '6.x-2.3')),
'aegir_db_host' => dt('Database host to connect to (default: %host)', array('%host' => 'localhost')),
'aegir_db_user' => dt('Database user to connect as (default: %user)', array('%user' => 'root')),
'aegir_db_pass' => dt('Database password to use'),
'client_email' => dt('Email of the first client to create in the frontend'),
'client_name' => dt('Name of the first client to create in the frontend (default: %user)', array('%user' => 'admin')),
'makefile' => dt('The makefile used to create the hostmaster platform (default: %makefile)', array('%makefile' => dirname(__FILE__). '/aegir.make')),
'aegir_host' => dt('Fully qualified domain name of the local server (default: %fqdn)', array('%fqdn' => provision_fqdn())),
'script_user' => dt('User to run the backend as (default: %user)', array('%user' => provision_current_user())),
'web_group' => dt('Group the webserver is running as (default: %group)', array('%group' => _provision_default_web_group())),
'version' => dt('The version of this released. (default: %version)', array('%version' => provision_version())),
'aegir_root' => dt('Install aegir in this home directory (default: %home). Do not change unless you know what you are doing.', array('%home' => drush_server_home())),
$items['backend-parse'] = array(
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