Commit 6317bb03 authored by Jon Pugh's avatar Jon Pugh

On platform verify, clone the codebase if it doesn't exist.

parent ae09c25d
......@@ -74,14 +74,34 @@ class PlatformContext extends ContextSubscriber implements ConfigurationInterfac
$this->getProvision()->io()->customLite($this->getProperty('root'), 'Root: ', 'info');
$this->getProvision()->io()->customLite($this->config_path, 'Configuration File: ', 'info');
$tasks = [];
// If platform files don't exist, but has git url or makefile, build now.
if (!$this->fs->exists($this->getProperty('root')) && $this->getProperty('git_url')) {
$tasks['platform.git'] = $this->getProvision()->newTask()
->success('Deployed platform from git repository.')
->failure('Unable to clone platform.')
->execute(function () {
$this->getProvision()->io()->warningLite('Root path does not exist. Cloning source code from git repository ' . $this->getProperty('git_url') . ' to ' . $this->getProperty('root'));
$this->getProvision()->getTasks()->taskExec("git clone")
elseif (!$this->fs->exists($this->getProperty('root')) && $this->getProperty('makefile')) {
$tasks['platform.make'] = $this->getProvision()->getTasks()->taskLog('Building platforms from make not yet supported.', 'warning');
return $tasks;
// This is how you can use Robo Tasks in a platform verification call.
// The "silent" method actually works here.
// It only partially works in Service::restartServices()!
// $this->getBuilder()->taskExec('env')
// ->silent(!$this->getProvision()->io()->isVerbose())
// ->run();
return parent::verify();
// return parent::verify();
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