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follow rst's fascist syntax

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......@@ -50,14 +50,10 @@ the bottom of this document before attempting to run the script,
as the script will assume you have your system set up appropriately to
handle the upgrade process.
You can download the script with this command::
You can download and run the script with the following.
Shell commands::
wget -O ';a=blob_plain;;hb=HEAD'
Run the upgrade script with this command::
Shell commands::
su -s /bin/sh aegir -c "sh"
Remember to replace with the domain of your Aegir installation.
......@@ -187,7 +183,7 @@ Bleeding-edge HEAD dependency
If you intend on upgrading your system to the bleeding edge version of the
code from our git repositories, you will need the git program installed. On
Debian, this means::
Debian, this means:
Shell commands::
......@@ -208,11 +204,12 @@ an error you will need to edit your ``/etc/hosts`` file.
First line of this file looks like::
`` localhost`` localhost
Simply add all domains you want to this line. e.g::
`` localhost $AEGIR_HOST $AEGIR_DOMAIN other1 other2`` localhost $AEGIR_HOST $AEGIR_DOMAIN other1 other2
If you only intend to use Aegir on a single server, it is acceptable for
the resolved IP address to be the '' loopback address.
......@@ -231,7 +228,7 @@ Shell commands as root::
As of the 0.4-alpha3 release, 'unzip' is a required dependency on your server
in order to successfully extract the jquery.ui library that is part of some UI
improvements. On Debian, this means::
improvements. On Debian, this means:
Shell commands::
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