Commit 54a0852f authored by anarcat's avatar anarcat Committed by anarcat

prompt the user before upgrading and explain what going to happen

parent 62762556
......@@ -4,6 +4,42 @@
* @file manual site migrate system
function drush_provision_hostmaster_migrate_validate($site, $platform) {
// XXX: this doesn't actually document the pre alpha9 upgrade path
This command will operate the following changes in your system:
1. verify the server and the hostmaster site (provision-verify)
2. verify the new platform (which will download it if missing)
3. stop the Aegir frontend (hostmaster-pause)
4. remove the cronjob (crontab -r)
5. attempt a migration to the new platform (provision-migrate)
6. start the Aegir frontend again (hostmaster-resume)
We are making the following assumptions:
* you have read UPGRADE.txt
* you are executing this script as your "aegir" user
$go = FALSE;
while (!$go) {
$yesno = trim(strtolower(drush_prompt(dt('Do you really want to proceed with the upgrade'), 'Y/n', TRUE)));
switch ($yesno) {
case 'no':
case 'n':
return drush_set_error(dt('Upgrade aborted by user'));
case 'yes':
case 'y':
case 'y/n':
$go = TRUE;
drush_print(dt('Please answer "yes" or "no"'));
$data = drush_get_merged_options();
$alias_file = drush_server_home() . '/.drush/server_master.alias.drushrc.php';
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