Commit 51427239 authored by anarcat's avatar anarcat

simplify autobuild target by factoring in more assumptions

parent 3406a0a9
......@@ -26,11 +26,9 @@ upstream_version=$(shell git describe --tags origin/6.x-1.x | sed 's/6.x-//;s/-\
debian_version=$(shell git describe --tags origin/debian | sed 's/debian\///;s/-\([0-9]*\)-\([^-]*\)$/+\1.\2/;s/^.*-//' )
# this builds a debian package but first updates the branches to follow the latest 1.x branch
# this assumes you are on a "debian" branch (of course)
-git branch -D tmpdebian
git checkout -b tmpdebian origin/debian
git merge origin/6.x-1.x
dch -v ${upstream_version}-${debian_version} "automatic jenkins build ${BUILD_TAG}"
git commit -m"dummy commit for $version autobuild" debian/changelog
git-buildpackage -b --git-upstream-branch=origin/6.x-1.x --git-debian-branch=tmpdebian
git checkout ${GIT_COMMIT}
git-buildpackage -b --git-upstream-branch=origin/6.x-1.x
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