Commit 4694bf17 authored by Jon Pugh's avatar Jon Pugh

Respect working copy option when building platform from drush.

parent a350479d
......@@ -220,14 +220,18 @@ class PlatformContext extends ContextSubscriber implements ConfigurationInterfac
->start('Building platform from makefile...')
->execute(function () {
$drush = realpath(__DIR__ . '/../../bin/drush');
return $this->getProvision()->getTasks()->taskExec($drush)
$command = $this->getProvision()->getTasks()->taskExec($drush)
if ($this->getProperty('make_working_copy')) {
$command .= ' --working-copy --no-gitinfofile --no-gitinfofile --no-gitprojectinfo';
return $this->getService('http')->provider->shell_exec($command, NULL, 'exit');
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