Commit 40264f69 authored by Jon Pugh's avatar Jon Pugh

Issue #2853184: Improve the docblock.

parent bcd19f36
......@@ -216,21 +216,21 @@ function hook_provision_config_load_templates_alter(&$templates, $config) {
* Alter the template and variables used for rendering a config file.
* Alter the variables used for rendering a config file.
* When implementing this hook, the function name should start with your file's name, not "drush_".
* @param $variables
* The variables that are about to be injected into the template.
* @param $template
* The template file chosen for use
* The template file chosen for use.
* @param $config
* The Provision_config object trying to find its template.
* @see hook_provision_config_load_templates()
* @see hook_provision_config_load_templates_alter()
function hook_provision_config_variables_alter(&$variables, $templates, $config) {
function hook_provision_config_variables_alter(&$variables, $template, $config) {
// If this is the vhost template and the http service is Docker...
if (is_a($config, 'Provision_Config_Apache_Site') && is_a(d()->platform->service('http'), 'Provision_Service_http_apache_docker')) {
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