Commit 3c1155ce authored by cinnamon's avatar cinnamon Committed by anarcat

Issue #2096629 by cinnamon: Fixed hook_provision_drupal_create_directories_alter() by ref.

parent a45905a9
......@@ -253,7 +253,8 @@ function _provision_drupal_create_directories($url = NULL, $profile = NULL) {
// Allow other commands to add or alter the directories to be created.
drush_command_invoke_all('provision_drupal_create_directories_alter', $mkdir, $url);
drush_command_invoke_all_ref('provision_drupal_create_directories_alter', $mkdir, $url);
drush_command_invoke_all_ref('provision_drupal_chgrp_directories_alter', $chgrp, $url);
foreach ($mkdir as $path => $perm) {
if (!is_dir($path)) {
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