Commit 1859c6dd authored by anarcat's avatar anarcat

fix version number of jenkins automatic builds

we use the version from the changelog so that we increment reliably

with the previous scheme, builds failed when I added the alpha1

now we also use the jenkins build tag so that this will automatically
increase with new builds.
parent 0f5df608
......@@ -27,8 +27,12 @@ KEY?="-kjenkins@$(DOMAIN)"
git-buildpackage -b --git-upstream-branch=origin/upstream --git-debian-branch=origin/debian --git-ignore-branch
# the dev version we're building
version=2.0~0.$(shell git log -n 1 --oneline | sed 's/ .*$$//')
# the version from the changelog, add the git hash
version=$(shell sed -ne 's/^[^(]*(\([^)]*\)).*/\1/;1p' debian/changelog)
commit=$(shell git log -n 1 --oneline | sed 's/ .*$$//')
# the version we're building with jenkins
# debug for the above
......@@ -37,10 +41,10 @@ show-version:
# this builds a debian package but first updates the branches to follow the latest 2.x branch
# this assumes you are on a "debian" branch (of course)
dch -D unstable -v ${version} "automatic jenkins build ${BUILD_TAG}"
dch -D unstable -v ${jenkins_version} "automatic jenkins build ${BUILD_TAG} for commit ${commit}"
git commit -m"dummy commit for jenkins ${BUILD_TAG} autobuild" debian/changelog
git-buildpackage -b ${KEY}
# helper to debug the above
@echo would build version ${version} with key ${KEY}
@echo would build version ${jenkins_version} with key ${KEY}
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