Commit 0cfa5f12 authored by helmo's avatar helmo

Add code to optinally make release tags for golden contrib

parent 69d71218
......@@ -150,3 +150,27 @@ if prompt_yes_no "Push tags and commits upstream? "; then
git --work-tree=build-area/hosting --git-dir=build-area/hosting/.git push --tags origin HEAD
git --work-tree=build-area/eldir --git-dir=build-area/eldir/.git push --tags origin HEAD
# Golden Contrib
golden_contribs="hosting_civicrm hosting_git hosting_remote_import hosting_site_backup_manager hosting_tasks_extra"
for shortname in $golden_contribs; do
rm -rf build-area/$shortname
git clone --depth 1 --branch $CURRENT_BRANCH `git config remote.origin.url | sed "s/provision/$shortname/"` build-area/$shortname
echo "Setting the tag $NEW_TAG in a clean $shortname clone."
git --work-tree=build-area/$shortname --git-dir=build-area/$shortname/.git tag -a $NEW_TAG -m 'Add a new release tag.'
echo =========
echo Golden Contribs: $golden_contribs
# Can we push?
if prompt_yes_no "Push tags and commits for GOLDEN CONTRIB upstream? "; then
for shortname in $golden_contribs; do
git --work-tree=build-area/$shortname --git-dir=build-area/$shortname/.git push --tags origin HEAD
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