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Here are the parts missing in this package.

Critical stuff

This shouldn't be used or published until this is fixed.

 * (nil)
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Debian policy compliance issues

 * comply with the FHS by not installing in /var/aegir (that is the
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   sole lintian override we have)
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   the proper way to do this is to follow the webapps policies:

 * respect the PHP policy:

 * do not duplicate code with Drupal, to respect section 4.13 of the
   policy: "Debian packages should not make use of these [...] copies
   unless the included package is explicitly intended to be used in
   this way. If the included code is already in the Debian archive in
   the form of a library, the Debian packaging should ensure that
   binary packages reference the libraries already in Debian and the
   convenience copy is not used. If the included code is not already
   in Debian, it should be packaged separately as a prerequisite if
   possible." The main reason for this is that "Having multiple copies
   of the same code in Debian is inefficient, often creates either
   static linking or shared library conflicts, and, most importantly,
   increases the difficulty of handling security vulnerabilities in
   the duplicated code."
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How to handle the drupal6 package code duplication

It could be argued that this is not necessary, as "the included
package is explicitely intended to be used this way": one could say
that Drupal is *not* intended to be installed system-wide and that it
is OK to create third-party distributions by copying the code of the
Drupal core.

One could also argue that we don't actually *ship* Drupal in the
package, but merely manage copies of the code, the same way the
flashplugin-nonfree package operates. This is the approach we are
currently taking.

But let's say for the sake of argument that we need to comply with
section 4.13, how the heck do we do this?

Daniel Kahn Gillmor (dkg) suggested two alternative approaches for
this problem. One is the "trac" package approach, where no instance of
trac is setup on install, and the admin has to create its own
instances with provided scripts. On upgrade, the instances are not
upgraded and the admin has to upgrade the databases manually. The
instances however, already use the new provided code.

The second approach is the way the postgresql package works. When
postgresql is installed, it sets up a new instance automatically and
then on *minor* upgrades, that instance is automatically updated. On
major upgrades, those instances are not touched and the admin has to
manually perform the upgrade.

This would mean that we would make a Debian package to ship the
hostmaster code within /usr/share/drupal6/profiles directory. We would
then create a "platform" out of the drupal6 directory and install the
Aegir frontend in there. When Drupal6 would get upgraded, we would run
drush updatedb directly in there instead of our regular
hostmaster-migrate, which would be used only for major (Aegir 1.0 ->
2.0, which updates to drupal7, for example) upgrades. The biggest
problem I see with this is that then the drupal6 package could be
upgraded without Aegir's knowledge and updatedb wouldn't be ran.

This also seems like a significant amount of work.

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Nice to have stuff

 * deal with /var/aegir after purge?
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 * use a minimal rules file:
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 * sign the md5s of hostmaster and friends so we have a trust path in
   the packaging again