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finish package rename

parent 852f413f
......@@ -29,12 +29,12 @@ Description: mass Drupal hosting system - backend
files. It can be installed standalone although it is usually
installed with the hostmaster frontend.
Package: aegir-hostmaster2
Package: aegir2-hostmaster
Architecture: all
Depends: ${misc:Depends}, drush (>= 5.5), php5-mysql, apache2 | nginx, libapache2-mod-php5 | php5-fpm, aegir-provision2 (>= ${source:Version}), git-core, unzip, lsb-base (>= 3.0-6)
Recommends: php5-gd, php5
Conflicts: aegir-hostmaster
Replaces: aegir-hostmaster
Conflicts: aegir-hostmaster, aegir-hostmaster2
Replaces: aegir-hostmaster, aegir-hostmaster2
Description: mass Drupal hosting system - frontend
A set of contributed modules for Drupal that aims to solve the
problem of managing a large number of Drupal sites. It does this by
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ Description: mass Drupal hosting system - frontend
Package: aegir2
Architecture: all
Depends: ${misc:Depends}, aegir-provision2 (>= ${source:Version}), aegir-hostmaster2 (>= ${source:Version})
Depends: ${misc:Depends}, aegir2-provision (>= ${source:Version}), aegir2-hostmaster (>= ${source:Version})
Conflicts: aegir
Replaces: aegir
Description: mass Drupal hosting system
......@@ -8,13 +8,13 @@
dh $@
cp -r "$(CURDIR)/db/" "$(CURDIR)/dns/" "$(CURDIR)/http/" "$(CURDIR)/aegir.make" "$(CURDIR)/platform/" "$(CURDIR)/Provision/" "$(CURDIR)/Symfony/" "$(CURDIR)"/*.inc "$(CURDIR)"/*.php "$(CURDIR)"/*.info "$(CURDIR)/debian/aegir-provision2/usr/share/drush/commands/provision/"
cp -r "$(CURDIR)/db/" "$(CURDIR)/dns/" "$(CURDIR)/http/" "$(CURDIR)/aegir.make" "$(CURDIR)/platform/" "$(CURDIR)/Provision/" "$(CURDIR)/Symfony/" "$(CURDIR)"/*.inc "$(CURDIR)"/*.php "$(CURDIR)"/*.info "$(CURDIR)/debian/aegir2-provision/usr/share/drush/commands/provision/"
# We need this nasty hack, because we added a directory.
# TODO: this is really lame, there must be a better way to do this?
if [ -d "$(CURDIR)/provision-tests" ]; then cp -r "$(CURDIR)/provision-tests/" "$(CURDIR)/debian/aegir-provision2/usr/share/drush/commands/provision/"; fi
if [ -d "$(CURDIR)/provision-tests" ]; then cp -r "$(CURDIR)/provision-tests/" "$(CURDIR)/debian/aegir2-provision/usr/share/drush/commands/provision/"; fi
cp "$(CURDIR)/debian/aegir-provision2.lintian" "$(CURDIR)/debian/aegir-provision2/usr/share/lintian/overrides/aegir-provision"
cp "$(CURDIR)/debian/aegir2-provision.lintian" "$(CURDIR)/debian/aegir2-provision/usr/share/lintian/overrides/aegir-provision"
dh_installinit --name=hosting-queued
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