Commit fefa37ae authored by Adrian Rossouw's avatar Adrian Rossouw

Remove workaround for broken code in drush. we now require drush HEAD / 3.1

parent 2191798e
......@@ -23,14 +23,6 @@ function & d($name = NULL, $root_object = FALSE) {
else {
if ($root_object) {
$default_instance = $name;
if ($name != '@self') {
// This is an unfortunate workaround to the drush sitealias functionality, which pollutes
// the options namespace with the alias sourced settings.
drush_set_option('root', drush_get_option('root', null, 'options'), 'process');
drush_set_option('uri', drush_get_option('uri', null, 'options'), 'process');
drush_unset_option('root', 'options');
drush_unset_option('uri', 'options');
if (isset($instances[$name])) {
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