Commit fe5da461 authored by Adrian Rossouw's avatar Adrian Rossouw Committed by adrian
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No longer use the drush.php link in the platform directory for migration

parent 754b13e5
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ function provision_provision_pre_migrate_rollback(&$data, $url, $platform) {
* Switch the migrate directories around now that we have the new db installed
function provision_drupal_provision_migrate(&$data, $url, $platform) {
$cmd = sprintf("(cd %s; ./drush.php provision deploy %s %s --backend=1)", $platform, $url, $data['backup_file']);
$cmd = sprintf("%s provision deploy %s %s --root=%s --backend=1", $_SERVER['argv'][0], $url, $data['backup_file'], $platform);
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