Commit f2be8758 authored by Adrian Rossouw's avatar Adrian Rossouw Committed by adrian
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add documentation to the site_offline flag

parent 195749c3
......@@ -31,6 +31,10 @@ function drush_provision_drupal_provision_migrate_validate($url = null, $platfor
* Make a backup before making any changes, and add extract the file we are restoring from
function drush_provision_drupal_pre_provision_migrate($url, $platform) {
/* Set offline mode to true and re-generate the settings.php. This will write a
* $conf['site_offline'] = 1; to the settings.php
drush_log(dt("Putting site under maintenance"));
drush_set_option('site_offline', 1);
drush_invoke('provision backup', $url);
......@@ -41,6 +45,8 @@ function drush_provision_drupal_pre_provision_migrate($url, $platform) {
* Restore the vhost conf per the original platform
function drush_provision_drupal_pre_provision_migrate_rollback($url, $platform) {
// Set site_offline to false and regenerate the config
drush_log(dt("Bringing site out of maintenance"));
drush_set_option('site_offline', 0);
$success = provision_path("unlink", drush_get_option('backup_file'), TRUE, dt('Removed unused migration site package'), dt('Could not remove unused migration site package'));
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