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the now installs hostmaster from the cli. all the way baby....

the now installs hostmaster from the cli. all the way baby. also update the version of Drush to use
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......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ AEGIR_VERSION=HEAD
# doesn't exist yet, but we need drush_prompt in HEAD
# when adding a variable here, add it to the display below
......@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@ else
# this will prompt the user for the database password if not provided through stdin in JSON
$DRUSH provision-verify --parent_path="$AEGIR_HOME" --web_group="$WEB_GROUP" --drush_path="$DRUSH"
$DRUSH provision-verify --parent_path="$AEGIR_HOME" --web_group="$WEB_GROUP" --drush_path="$DRUSH" --provision_context="server" --init_http="apache"
msg "Aegir provision backend installed successfully"
......@@ -203,28 +203,18 @@ fi
if [ ! -d $HOSTMASTER_DIR ] ; then
msg "Deploying hostmaster application"
$DRUSH hostmaster-make $HOSTMASTER_DIR
# this, and the remaining of this file, should be handled by
# provision-install, see
$DRUSH provision-verify --root="$HOSTMASTER_DIR" --provision_context="platform"
$DRUSH provision-install --root="$HOSTMASTER_DIR" --provision_context="site" --profile="hostmaster" "$AEGIR_DOMAIN"
mkdir sites/$AEGIR_DOMAIN
cp sites/default/default.settings.php sites/$AEGIR_DOMAIN/settings.php
chmod g+w sites/$AEGIR_DOMAIN/settings.php
mkdir sites/$AEGIR_DOMAIN/files
chmod 2770 sites/$AEGIR_DOMAIN/files
chgrp $WEB_GROUP sites/$AEGIR_DOMAIN/settings.php
chgrp $WEB_GROUP sites/$AEGIR_DOMAIN/files
if [ ! -f $AEGIR_HOME/config/vhost.d/$AEGIR_DOMAIN ]; then
sed -e "s#DocumentRoot .*#DocumentRoot $HOSTMASTER_DIR#" -e "s#Directory .*#Directory $HOSTMASTER_DIR>#" -e "s/ServerName .*/ServerName $AEGIR_DOMAIN/" $HOSTMASTER_DIR/profiles/hostmaster/apache2.conf.txt > $AEGIR_HOME/config/vhost.d/${AEGIR_DOMAIN}_80
msg "Installed apache configuration file for $AEGIR_DOMAIN, you will need to restart apache"
$DRUSH hosting-setup --uri="$AEGIR_DOMAIN" -y
msg "Install process complete: follow the wizard"
cat <<EOF
Now point your browser to http://$AEGIR_DOMAIN/install.php and proceed
with the remainder of the installation using the Hostmaster Install profile.
Some of the instructions given, you will already have completed, but carefully
read each step in turn to ensure you don't miss anything.
Aegir is installed. You can visit it at http://$AEGIR_DOMAIN
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