Commit df4f4e26 authored by drumm's avatar drumm Committed by Neil Drumm

Do not make drushrc for deleted site.

parent 09352c94
......@@ -88,9 +88,8 @@ function provision_drupal_drush_exit() {
if (preg_match("/^provision-/", $command[0])) {
if (d()->type === 'site') {
if (drush_get_option('installed')) {
// dont generate the drushrc.php on provision-save commands.
if (!preg_match("/^provision-save/", $command[0])) {
drush_set_option('site_id', drush_get_option('site_id'), 'site');
// Don't generate the drushrc.php on provision-save/delete commands.
if (!preg_match("/^provision-(save|delete)/", $command[0])) {
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