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explain that the instructions setup a complete system

point to directions on how to setup a server
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......@@ -28,11 +28,16 @@ Aegir to new platforms or installing on alien platform for which Aegir is not
yet packaged.
Platform-specific cheat sheets are also available for other platforms in
HINTS_.txt files alongside this document. Those files are basically a
HINTS_*.txt files alongside this document. Those files are basically a
bullet-point summary of the steps required for the installation. In case of
conflict between INSTALL.txt and other documentation, INSTALL.txt should be
considered the canonical source of information.
Also note that those instructions setup a complete Aegir system. If you want
to only setup a new server, it should be sufficient to install requirement
(step 1) and configure them (step 2). You will then need a copy of provision
and drush installed (parts of, which will need to be re-written to
take into account this use case).
1. Install software requirements
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