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document the vhost API better

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......@@ -87,6 +87,25 @@ function _provision_apache_delete_vhost_config($url) {
* Generate virtual host file
* This will create a VirtualHost configuration file for the domain
* $url. This is really a stub to _create_config() that sets up the
* options properly, guesses the right template and fires a hook to
* allow other modules to add lines to the default config, using
* hook_provision_apache_vhost_config(). Parameters in the template
* are expanded based on the options available through
* drush_get_merged_options().
* @param $url
* the domain to generate the configuration file for
* @param $template
* the template to use, if NULL, the default will be used
* @see _provision_apache_default_template()
* @see _provision_apache_redirect_template()
* @see _provision_apache_create_config()
* @see hook_provision_apache_vhost_config()
* @see drush_get_merged_options()
function _provision_apache_create_vhost_config($url, $template = NULL) {
$options = drush_get_merged_options();
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