Commit b00d8232 authored by Adrian Rossouw's avatar Adrian Rossouw
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committed drumm's patch

parent 609c156d
......@@ -141,7 +141,6 @@ class provisionService_file extends provisionService {
$func = ($recursive) ? array($this, '_chmod_recursive') : 'chmod';
if (!@call_user_func($func, $path, $perms)) {
$this->tokens['@reason'] = dt('chmod to @perm failed on @path', array('@perm' => sprintf('%o', $perms), '@path' => $path));
return false;
clearstatcache(); // this needs to be called, otherwise we get the old info
$this->last_status = substr(sprintf('%o', fileperms($path)), -4) == sprintf('%04o', $perms);
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