Commit ad9e33d3 authored by drumm's avatar drumm Committed by Neil Drumm

Initialize server in correct order.

parent b470b176
......@@ -357,13 +357,12 @@ class provisionPlatform extends provisionEnvironment {
$this->type = 'platform';
$this->service_subscribe("http", $this->web_server);
$this->setProperty('server', '@server_localhost');
$this->setProperty('web_server', '@server_localhost');
$this->service_subscribe('http', $this->web_server->name);
function verify() {
......@@ -404,9 +403,9 @@ class provisionSite extends provisionEnvironment {
$this->service_subscribe("db", $this->db_server);
$this->service_subscribe('db', $this->db_server->name);
// todo - turn into a re-usable mechanism for comma separated values
if ($this->options['aliases'] && !is_array($site_data['aliases'])) {
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