Commit ad0ca56a authored by mig5's avatar mig5 Committed by mig5

Do not send delete = TRUE to the drush rsync call even if no-delete

isset. Send it only if no-delete is not set.
This still leaves delete = TRUE as the default, unless no-delete has been set
to TRUE. This solves critical bug #976300.
I can't imagine a case where someone would want to set no-delete = FALSE if
--delete is the default at all other times, but I added a condition to account
for this too.
parent 59bb3971
......@@ -173,14 +173,13 @@ class provisionContext_server extends provisionContext {
'relative' => TRUE,
'keep-dirlinks' => TRUE,
'omit-dir-times' => TRUE,
'delete' => TRUE,
), $additional_options);
// We need to do this due to how drush creates the rsync command.
// If the option is present at all , even if false or null, it will
// add it to the command.
if (!isset($additional_options['no-delete'])) {
if (!isset($additional_options['no-delete']) || $additional_options['no-delete'] == FALSE ) {
$options['delete'] = TRUE;
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