Commit 9fe8f9e5 authored by Steven Jones's avatar Steven Jones

Issue #1751006 by Steven Jones: Fixed Make is called incorrectly.

parent 7fd268fe
......@@ -48,16 +48,17 @@ function drush_provision_drupal_pre_provision_verify() {
// create a platform from a makefile, if it doesnt already exist and the makefile does.
if (!provision_file()->exists(d()->root)->status() && !empty(d()->makefile)) {
drush_log(dt("Platform path does not exist, fetching from drush makefile"));
$options = array('root' => null, 'uri' => null);
$arguments = array();
$options = array();
// propagate working-copy args downward
if (drush_get_option('working-copy') || !empty(d()->make_working_copy)) {
$options['working-copy'] = 1;
$options[] = '--working-copy';
$options[] = d()->makefile;
$options[] = d()->root;
drush_invoke_process('@none', "make", $options);
$arguments[] = d()->makefile;
$arguments[] = d()->root;
drush_invoke_process('@none', "make", $arguments, $options);
if (drush_get_error()) {
return drush_set_error("DRUSH_MAKE_FAILED",
return drush_set_error("DRUSH_MAKE_FAILED",
"Could not download platform using drush make. No platform present");
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