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change publish_path to root for platform settings

publish_path seems to be removed from the platform context and thus in a sites settings.php the platform settings code results in:
```# Additional platform wide configuration settings.
  if (is_readable('/sites/all/platform.settings.php')) {

platform->root seems to yield the correct path to the platform
parent 46b264f1
......@@ -163,8 +163,8 @@ if (isset($_SERVER['db_name'])) {
# Additional platform wide configuration settings.
if (is_readable('<?php print $this->platform->publish_path ?>/sites/all/platform.settings.php')) {
include_once('<?php print $this->platform->publish_path ?>/sites/all/platform.settings.php');
if (is_readable('<?php print $this->platform->root ?>/sites/all/platform.settings.php')) {
include_once('<?php print $this->platform->root ?>/sites/all/platform.settings.php');
# Additional site configuration settings.
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