Commit 9abb9761 authored by helmo's avatar helmo

Bump upgrade test to debian stretch

parent ce0f9701
......@@ -273,9 +273,9 @@ publish:unstable-repo:
# Upgrade the latest stable Aegir to our unstable repo.
stage: upgradetest
image: debian:jessie
image: debian:stretch
- publish:unstable-repo
......@@ -292,7 +292,7 @@ upgradetest:debian-jessie-aegir3-apt-upgrade:
- apt-get install --yes sudo curl cron
- "scripts/"
- "scripts/"
# extra step to run the task queue.
- sudo su aegir --login --command 'drush @hostmaster php-eval "echo hosting_task_count();"'
- sudo su aegir --login --command 'drush @hostmaster hosting-tasks --force'
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