Commit 99d7cf2b authored by anarcat's avatar anarcat Committed by anarcat
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don't prompt for the FQDN

it's usually the same as the URL, and indeed we default to that now
parent 878a13a2
......@@ -31,11 +31,8 @@ Don't worry: you will get to review those settings after the final install");
drush_set_option('site', $site);
$aegir_host = drush_get_option('aegir_host', NULL, 'options');
if (is_null($aegir_host)) {
$aegir_host = drush_prompt(dt("Master server FQDN"), provision_fqdn());
drush_set_option('aegir_host', $aegir_host);
drush_set_default('aegir_host', $site);
$aegir_host = drush_get_option('aegir_host');
drush_set_default('aegir_db_host', $aegir_host);
if (is_null(drush_get_option('aegir_db_pass', NULL))) {
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