Commit 8df487f4 authored by anarcat's avatar anarcat

do not chmod0 drush_make, just abort if it's found

parent a83f9fc0
......@@ -18,9 +18,11 @@ case "$1" in
# DEPRECATED: drush_make package dependency introduced in 1.5,
# compatibility code should be removed in ... 3.x?
if chmod 0 /var/aegir/.drush/drush_make ; then
echo "disabled manual drush_make in /var/aegir/.drush/drush_make"
echo "this should probably be removed after checking nothing will be lost"
if [ -d $VARLIB/.drush/drush_make ; then
echo "existing drush_make install in $VARLIB/.drush/drush_make detected"
echo "this needs to be removed or moved away for the install to be completed"
echo "try: rm -rf $VARLIB/.drush/drush_make"
exit 1
if [ -d $VARLIB/.drush/provision ]; then
echo "existing provision install in $VARLIB/.drush/drush_make detected"
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