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Add the default virtual host that redirects to 404, and modify the documentation

to direct the user to change their line  in httpd.conf, not simply move files about (which was incorrect).

We could also have done a 'apachectl -S' to detect whether the right file is being loaded, but i feel that would be better handled in the next phase (where we will have proper objects)
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......@@ -159,13 +159,17 @@ and a single apache.conf. The vhost.d directory is for virtual hosts,
platform.d is for platform-specific configuration and apache.conf is the
server-wide configuration file.
You will need to move all platform_* configuration file to the
platform.d directory for Aegir to operate properly. Failure to do so
will yield unpredictable results as multiple definitions will be loaded
by Apache for the same platform. This can be fixed by doing:
After you have completed the migration process as outlined above,
you will need to change the line you added to the httpd.conf file during
Open your httpd.conf file and modify :
Shell commands::
Include /var/aegir/config/vhost.d/*
To read :
Include /var/aegir/config/apache.conf
mkdir /var/aegir/config/platform.d/
mv /var/aegir/config/vhost.d/platform_*.conf /var/aegir/config/platform.d/
Now log into Aegir, and verify the hostmaster platform, this will generate
the correct apache.conf file and restart apache.
......@@ -3,6 +3,11 @@
<?php if (is_array($web_ports)) :
foreach ($web_ports as $web_port) :?>
NameVirtualHost *:<?php print $web_port; ?>
<VirtualHost *:<?php print $web_port; ?>>
ServerName default
Redirect 404 /
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