Commit 87095dd7 authored by anarcat's avatar anarcat Committed by anarcat
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Set proper file permissions after drupal install

Closes: #338657
parent ff15eebb
......@@ -355,7 +355,7 @@ function _provision_drupal_install_schema($url, $install_profile, $language = 'e
variable_set('site_name', $url);
variable_set('site_mail', 'webmaster@' . $url);
variable_set('clean_url', TRUE);
provision_path("chmod", "./sites/$url/settings.php", 0660, t("Secured settings.php with safe permissions"));
provision_path("chmod", "./sites/$url/settings.php", 0660, t("Set settings.php with Drupal-6 permissions"));
// profile task
......@@ -402,6 +402,10 @@ function _provision_drupal_install_schema($url, $install_profile, $language = 'e
provision_drupal_send_welcome_mail($url, $profile, $language, $client_email);
function provision_drupal_provision_post_install($url, $data) {
provision_path("chmod", "./sites/$url/settings.php", 0440, t("Secured settings.php with safe permissions"));
function provision_drupal_mail($key, &$message, $params) {
switch ($key) {
case 'welcome-admin':
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