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add lots of notes

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To test this, drush provision-save @server_alias --dns_service_type=bind
To test this:
then to call stuff:
drush provision-save @server_alias --dns_service_type=bind
drush @server_localhost provision-zone create
drush @server_localhost provision-zone rr-add www A
You should end up with a zonefile like:
; Bind zonefile
; File managed by Aegir
; Changes here may be lost by user configurations, tread carefully
@ IN SOA ( 2010061700 21600 3600 604800 86400 )
www IN A
1. only targeting bind right now
2. the global $TTL is broken
3. no way to regenerate the whole file: we edit the file piece by
piece (which has the advantage of not requiring backend storage)
1. we're not hooked into site tasks properly (yet)
2. we need slave configurations to be shipped
3. we need to hook the zones into the bind configuration
4. we don't have NS records, we should rely on the master/slave
servers defined in the backend for that
5. we don't have a notion of "IP" for sites yet, nor any notion of
"defauult IP", we need to hook into the server stuff for that
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