Commit 7fa54b65 authored by Adrian Rossouw's avatar Adrian Rossouw

Dont make recursive changes to certain directories -

parent 2842bdbb
......@@ -185,6 +185,18 @@ function _provision_drupal_create_directories($url = NULL, $profile = NULL) {
$chgrp["sites/$url/private/temp"] = d()->platform->server->web_group;
// These paths should not have recursive operations performed on them.
$not_recursive = array(
foreach ($mkdir as $path => $perm) {
if (!is_dir($path)) {
......@@ -192,17 +204,17 @@ function _provision_drupal_create_directories($url = NULL, $profile = NULL) {
->fail('Could not create <code>@path</code>', 'DRUSH_PERM_ERROR');
provision_file()->chmod($path, $perm, TRUE)
provision_file()->chmod($path, $perm, !in_array($path, $not_recursive))
->succeed('Changed permissions of <code>@path</code> to @perm')
->fail('Could not change permissions <code>@path</code> to @perm');
foreach ($chown as $path => $owner) {
provision_file()->chown($path, $owner, TRUE)
provision_file()->chown($path, $owner, !in_array($path, $not_recursive))
->succeed('Changed ownership of <code>@path</code> to @uid')
->fail('Could not change ownership <code>@path</code>', 'DRUSH_PERM_ERROR');
foreach ($chgrp as $path => $group) {
provision_file()->chgrp($path, $group, TRUE)
provision_file()->chgrp($path, $group, !in_array($path, $not_recursive))
->succeed('Changed group ownership of <code>@path</code> to @gid')
->fail('Could not change group ownership <code>@path</code> to @gid');
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