Commit 7d0bf5ee authored by mig5's avatar mig5 Committed by mig5

provide a wget command to download the Small word change in, see #888542

parent a1a48c68
......@@ -247,9 +247,10 @@ This section deals with the actual installation of Aegir.
There is an install script that takes care of installing the right packages and
preparing the backend and frontend install for you. That script needs to be run
as the aegir user created above. This file is available in Provision or can be
downloaded through the web at:
downloaded through the web with this command:;a=blob_plain;;hb=HEAD
Shell commands::
wget -O ';a=blob_plain;;hb=HEAD'
By default, the install script will install the "correct" version of Aegir
(ie. if it was downloaded through git, it will install the version from the
......@@ -260,7 +261,7 @@ AEGIR_VERSION variable in the script.
Shell commands::
su -s /bin/sh aegir -c "sh"
Note you must run this as root or prefix with sudo.
Note you must run the above command as root or prefix with sudo.
Be sure to change '' to match the URI of your site.
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ fi
msg "This script makes the following assumptions: "
cat <<EOF
* you have read INSTALL.txt and prepared the platform accordingly
* you are running as your "aegir" user
* you are executing this script as your "aegir" user
if prompt_yes_no "Do you want to proceed with the install?" ; then
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