Commit 78669e2e authored by Adrian Rossouw's avatar Adrian Rossouw
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remove server command

parent 3036e41c
* Drupal-based server configuration
function drush_provision_drupal_provision_server() {
if (!provision_path('exists', drush_get_option('config_path') . '/includes/', TRUE, dt("Global configuration file exists"))) {
# create an empty so the include doesn't fail with
# open_basedir restrictions
if (!$file = fopen(drush_get_option('config_path') . '/includes/', 'a')) {
drush_set_error('PROVISION_FRAMEWORK_ERROR', dt('Cannot create global settings configuration'));
} else {
fwrite($file, "<?php # global settings.php");
_provision_create_dir(drush_get_option('backup_path'), dt('Backup'), 0700);
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