Commit 64966320 authored by Steven Jones's avatar Steven Jones
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Partial revert "Revert "change version information for release 1.7""

This reverts commit 745f476c.
parent 6ba72c35
aegir-provision (1.7) testing; urgency=low
* new release: various bugfixes that have accumulated in the issue queue
since the 1.6 release, including a lot of fixes on Nginx support. We
also ship a new clustering module aimed at lightweight slave
deployments named the pack module, designed to replace the cluster
module which has performance and configuration issues.
-- Antoine Beaupré <> Tue, 06 Mar 2012 18:39:37 -0500
aegir-provision (1.6+dev) unstable; urgency=low
* merge in the debian branch to the main 1.x branch, making this a
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