Commit 61c8b964 authored by mig5's avatar mig5 Committed by mig5
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wrong quotes around script_user

parent 4979053f
...@@ -185,5 +185,5 @@ else ...@@ -185,5 +185,5 @@ else
fi fi
msg "Installing the frontend" msg "Installing the frontend"
$DRUSH hostmaster-install --client_email="$CLIENT_EMAIL" --backend-only=$BACKEND_ONLY --root="$HOSTMASTER_DIR" --version="$AEGIR_VERSION" --parent_path="$AEGIR_HOME" --script_user='$USER' --web_group="$WEB_GROUP" $AEGIR_DOMAIN $DRUSH hostmaster-install --client_email="$CLIENT_EMAIL" --backend-only=$BACKEND_ONLY --root="$HOSTMASTER_DIR" --version="$AEGIR_VERSION" --parent_path="$AEGIR_HOME" --script_user="$USER" --web_group="$WEB_GROUP" $AEGIR_DOMAIN
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