Commit 5ce76748 authored by drumm's avatar drumm Committed by Neil Drumm


parent c82303de
......@@ -314,7 +314,14 @@ class provisionPlatform extends provisionEnvironment {
class provisionSite extends provisionEnvironment {
static function option_documentation() {
return array(
'--platform' => 'site: the platform the site is run on',
'--db_server' => 'site: the db server the site is run on',
'--uri' => 'site: URI, no http:// or trailing /',
'--site_port' => 'site: port the site is hosted on; default 80',
'--language' => 'site: site language; default en',
'--aliases' => 'site: comma-separated URIs',
'--client_email' => 'site: email for the site owner',
'--profile' => 'site: Drupal profile to use; default default',
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