Commit 499ee67e authored by Steven Jones's avatar Steven Jones
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Issue #1537872 by Steven Jones: Fixed Release script reverts debian changelog.

parent 64966320
......@@ -105,7 +105,12 @@ commitid=`echo $commitmsg | sed 's/^\[[^ ]* \([a-z0-9]*\)\].*$/\1/'`
sed -n '1,/ --/p' debian/changelog | git tag -a -F - $major-$version
echo reverting tree to HEAD versions
git revert $commitid
git revert --no-commit $commitid
# Unstage the debian/changelog change, as we don't want to revert that.
git reset --quiet HEAD 'debian/changelog'
git checkout -- 'debian/changelog'
git commit
if prompt_yes_no "push tags and commits upstream? "; then
# this makes sure we push the commit *and* the tag
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