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The Aegir system
This is the backend of the Aegir hosting system.
The front end and back end are designed to be run separately, and each
front end will also be able to drive multiple back ends.
The most up to date information regarding the project and its goal
can be found in the Aegir wiki page:
To install Aegir, you should follow the INSTALL.txt document in docs/.
The HINTS_<arch>.txt files can be useful if you have a specific
architecture, as out of the box, the examples for INSTALL.txt are for
Debian systems.
To upgrade Aegir, follow the UPGRADE.txt document in docs/.
The core of the documentation in docs/ should be sufficient to get you
started. If you have further questions or are having trouble with Aegir,
head for the documentation wiki:
Other documentation for developpers is also available in docs/.
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