Commit 33893ea4 authored by anarcat's avatar anarcat Committed by anarcat

backport a little notice message from HEAD

parents de109598 d0a37e40
......@@ -361,8 +361,9 @@ function provision_drupal_provision_verify($url, &$data) {
$data['profiles'] = _provision_find_profiles();
$data['themes'] = system_theme_data();
$data['platform'] = array('short_name' => 'drupal', 'version' => VERSION);
provision_log('notice', t("This platform is running @short_name @version",
array('@short_name' => 'drupal', '@version' => VERSION)));
$sites = provision_drupal_find_sites();
$data['sites'] = array_keys($sites); // return list of hosted sites. used to determine whether or not to import.
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