Commit 32fc4472 authored by anarcat's avatar anarcat

make this a native package

while Aegir is desgined to run on other systems than Debian, it is
currently *not* uploaded into Debian itself, and therefore there is
only one source of packages,

this will mean we will need to make a new release every time we want to publish changes to the Debian package, but this annoyance outweights the trouble of having to maintain 4 different branches (1.x, 2.x and debian, debian2x) to have a 2.x debian package.

once we start looking again at sending the Debian packages directly into the main Debian archive, we can re-create the debian branch and make non-native packages there. for example, 2.x could eventually have no debian/ directory and the debian branch would be solely for the 2.x release...

in the meantime the debian branch is not to be used.
parent 195f20cc
# native package configuration
debian-branch = 6.x-1.x
upstream-branch = 6.x-1.x
upstream-tree = branch
# we merge the tags on that branch when necessary
upstream-branch = upstream
#upstream-branch = upstream
# and we merge the upstream branch here when we upgrade the package
debian-branch = debian
upstream-tag = 6.x-%(version)s
#debian-branch = debain
#upstream-tag = 6.x-%(version)s
export-dir = build-area/
tarball-dir = build-area/tarballs/
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