Commit 31bb816b authored by Adrian Rossouw's avatar Adrian Rossouw Committed by adrian
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Use migrate instead of clone because it simplifies the process

parent 01531a3a
......@@ -32,19 +32,10 @@ function drush_provision_pre_hostmaster_migrate($site, $platform) {
function drush_provision_hostmaster_migrate($site, $platform) {
drush_backend_invoke('provision clone', array($site, $site, $platform));
drush_backend_invoke('provision migrate', array($site, $platform));
function drush_provision_post_hostmaster_migrate($site, $platform) {
drush_backend_invoke('hostmaster unpark', array($site, 'uri' => $site, 'root' => $platform));
if (!drush_get_error()) {
drush_backend_invoke('provision delete', array($site));
drush_backend_invoke('provision verify', array($site, 'root' => $platform, 'publish_path' => $platform));
function drush_provision_post_hostmaster_migrate_rollback($site, $platform) {
drush_backend_invoke('provision delete', array($site, 'root' => $platform));
drush_backend_invoke('provision verify', array($site));
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