Commit 1c889324 authored by memtkmcc's avatar memtkmcc Committed by helmo

Issue #2798147 by memtkmcc: Re-verify @server_master via frontend on migrate (BOA unfork)

parent 92d02217
......@@ -197,5 +197,8 @@ function drush_provision_post_hostmaster_migrate($site, $platform) {
'old_platform_name' => drush_get_option('old_platform'),
'new_platform_name' => drush_get_option('new_platform'),
// We need to re-verify @server_master via frontend to re-generate
// its drush alias and to update Nginx configuration files.
provision_backend_invoke('@hostmaster', 'hosting-task', array(@server_master, 'verify'), array('force' => TRUE));
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