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remove copied comments from and make it clone-specific

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* Restore command implementation
* Clone command implementation
* This command when called will
* 1. Make a backup of the current site, before modifications are made.
* 2. Extract the backup that is being cloned to to a temporary folder in the sites directory.
* 3. Create a new database, belonging to the site's user, and switch it around with the current site's database.
* 4. Import the old database and site.php details.
* 5. Regenerate configuration files.
* 6. TODO: diagnostic to test that everything is ok?
* 7. Restart apache so the previous site is available again.
* 2. Execute 'provision deploy' to build the new site using the backup of the old site.
* If at any time an error occurs, before step 9. It should reverse all the changes it has made,
* and leave the current site directory and database in the right place, and remove all cruft that
* was created by this process.
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