Commit 12aab264 authored by helmo's avatar helmo
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release script update

parent cffb9d15
......@@ -91,8 +91,9 @@ git add && rm
echo changing version
sed -i'.tmp' -e"s/AEGIR_VERSION=.*$/AEGIR_VERSION=\"$major-$version\"/" && git add && rm
echo updating the package version scheme, dev packages get a buildID added, released do not.
sed -i -e"s/new_version=.*$/new_version=\"\${version}\"/" .gitlab-ci.yml && git add .gitlab-ci.yml
echo Skip adding a build ID for dev packages, released do not need that.
sed -i -e"s/ - export new_version=.*$//" .gitlab-ci.yml && git add .gitlab-ci.yml
sed -i -e"s/ - dch -D unstable --newversion.*$//" .gitlab-ci.yml && git add .gitlab-ci.yml
echo resulting changes to be committed:
git diff --cached | cat
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