Commit 09e30444 authored by memtkmcc's avatar memtkmcc

Issue #3150004: Drupal 9 support - Cleanup

parent 3ba4802c
......@@ -157,16 +157,6 @@ function install_main() {
->set('path.temporary', "sites/$url/private/temp")
// Add platform root auto-discovery to avoid confusing
// Composer based D9 codebase root with Drupal real root.
d()->root = provision_auto_fix_platform_root(d()->root);
// Disable Redis integration until module is installed
$redisCtrl = d()->root . '/sites/' . d()->uri . '/.redisOff';
if (!provision_file()->exists($redisCtrl)->status()) {
provision_file()->create_dir($redisCtrl, dt("Redis tmp off ctrl dir created"), 0711);
$account = \Drupal\user\Entity\User::load(1);
// If a redirect is defined, the symlink to the alias needs to exist before
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