Commit 049fff53 authored by anarcat's avatar anarcat

document the hell out of aegir-dev.make

parent 08c42958
core = 6.x
api = 2
; this makefile fetches the latest Aegir code from git from
; it shouldn't really change at all apart from major upgrades, where
; the branch will change
projects[drupal][type] = "core"
; hardcode the version number so we survive core releases
projects[drupal][version] = "6.28"
; fix for issue #2060727, patch from
projects[drupal][patch][] = ""
; chain into hostmaster from git's 2.x branch
projects[hostmaster][type] = "profile"
projects[hostmaster][download][type] = "git"
projects[hostmaster][download][url] = ""
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